MacDermid Enthone is expanding their North America dye portfolio for OXIDITE Aluminum Anodizing Dyes.

Beyond the basic colors such as red, blue, green, and black we are now able to provide a wide range of color shades. These dyes are characterized by their good water solubility and tolerance to common contaminations which results in a longer bath life and more consistent dye finish.

In addition to our indoor dyes, we have expanded the product portfolio to include exterior dyes that exhibit excellent light fastness and weathering resistance. This is important to industries such as the architectural market, consumer goods, electronics, and Aerospace.

For especially high light fastness applications MacDermid Enthone offers a range of electro-coloring processes that can achieve different shades from light-champagne to a deep black. These processes work on the principle of depositing small amounts of tin in the bottom of the pores of the anodizing layer.

The OXIDITE Anodizing Dyes range complements MacDermid Enthone’s complete product portfolio for anodizing processes that meet all current industry requirements.