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Published: October 6, 2022

Creating a great brand is a big task consuming a lot of times and also earning the consumer trust. Oritain, which has partnered with many organisations including the Cotton Council International, works to support and enhance the brands reputation, building consumer trust and loyalty. Independently recognised origin demonstrates the authenticity to consumers, and supports provenance related claims such as organic, fair trade and more.

With Oritain one can demonstrate a commitment to quality and safety. A survey reveals that nearly all consumers (94%) are likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency. Additionally, transparency ranked highest in a list of factors that motivate consumers to be loyal to a brand, with 25% ranking it as their top factor.

Through its partnership with Oritain, COTTON USA™ licensees can now test and authenticate the origin of their U.S. cotton products at any stage in the supply chain, revealing if it has been blended or substituted and ensuring the product’s provenance.Oritain’s technology analyses the actual fiber itself for elements that exist naturally and which are unique to the specific location the fiber was grown – meaning that it is not reliant on paper documentation, barcodes or the addition of foreign markers.”Now U.S. cotton will offer the highest level of end-to-end traceability in the industry, providing COTTON USA™ with a unique selling point in both domestic and export markets.” – Bruce Atherley, Executive Director, Cotton Council International.

Oritain developed significant IP in traceability of cotton and other products. Established presence in fashion, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.Partnered with the world’s largest multinationals across the Americas, EMEA and APAC (98% client retention rate).Founded in 2008 in New Zealand by Professor Russell Frew, who is a world-leading expert in using stable isotope chemistry to trace the origin of products, and advisor to the United Nations. Oritain uses forensic science to determine the origin of products.

Oritain Traceability is totally different from Traditional Traceability. Oritain tracks the intrinsic properties of cotton and other fibres (what’s inside). The origin fingerprint of a product cannot be replicated. Oritain can test cotton at virtually any point of the supply chain to ensure transparency.

Traditional traceability requires the cotton or fibre to be sprayed or to have some form of paper/ label-based traceability systems. The accuracy of information is only as good as what’s claimed on the label or the applicator of the spray. Once these are removed or tampered with, traceability is lost.

Audits Across the Supply Chain: As well as conducting its own audits, Oritain partners with 3rd party suppliers, fully integrating the solution into their existing supply chain audits. This assists Oritain across all areas of sampling collection, including verifying metadata and providing added validation through chain of custody requirements.

Physical, Scientific, Product Verification: Oritain measures what exists naturally in the product.The addition of foreign tracers such as spray or particles is not required.

Manufacturing Friendly: No changes to the manufacturing processes are required or integration of machinery/systems.

Commercially Proven: Forensic science that meets the Daubert Standard,meaning it can be used as evidence in a court of law.

Commercial Partnerships: Producers, Manufacturers, Retailers, Brands and Industry Organisations (e.g., Cotton USA™, Mohair South Africa and Supima).

Strategic Partnerships: Deloitte, Bureau Veritas and Forensic Risk Alliance.

Significant Global Cotton Origin Databases established across a vast portion of the world’s top cotton producing countries.

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