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Orissa – Sonepur

Published: April 18, 2020


Sonepur is located in the western part of Orissa. Sonepur handloom woven sarees and dress material are known for their unique “Bomkai” designs locally known as “Bandha”
design. This Bomkai design on the fabric (especially on Sarees) is developed by using Jala technique on handloom.

The art of weaving has been existing in this part of Orissa since 600 B.C. The scriptures in the caves of Khandagiri reveal this. By late 1980s, this handloom cluster had begun specializing in silk weaving especially the Bomkai design without using any extra shedding mechanism like Jacquard and Dobby. In Bomkai design both the warp and weft is dyed according to the design requirement.

Details –

Number of handlooms – 1725

Number of weavers – 3200

Handloom products – bomkai saree, cotton saree, dress material, shirting and running yardages.

Cluster Accessibility –

Sonepur is well connected with Roadways & Railways

Roadways – Railways 70 km away from Balangir railway station.

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