Footwear, and greater in particular heels takes place to be one of the maximum important style pieces. From Sex and the City`s protagonist Carrie Bradshaw`s obsession with the ManoloBlahniks to Ariana Grande`s love for red-bottomed Christian Louboutins, heels have developed over the years. It can also additionally come as a marvel however heels had been in the beginning designed for guys.

 The starting place of excessive-heels may be traced to fifteenth century Persia, present day day Iran whilst squaddies wore them to assist steady their toes in stirrups. At that time, horses had been the primary, or only, mode of transportation and vital to army campaigns. Hence sporting heels served realistic functions for guys. The excessive-heels helped the guys in retaining the toes in stirrups and furnished stability whilst required to face withinside the saddle.

 When the Persians migrated to Europe, they introduced the shoe fashion with them. According to Daily Art Magazine, Bata Shoe Museum director and senior curator Elizabeth Semmelhack stated that the excessive heel fashion become followed via way of means of European guyswithinside the sixteenth century after alliances among diverse western European nations and the Persian ruler Shah Abbas (1588-1629) become forged. Shah Abbas had the biggest cavalry pressure withinside the international on the time, and due to this affiliation with squaddies and warfare, heels had been visible as pretty masculine.