Woolroom, a leading online retailer of wool products, has recently joined British Wool’s traceable wool scheme. British Wool (formerly British Wool Marketing Board) is owned by approximately 35,000 sheep farmers in the UK. It collects, grades, markets, and sells British wool on behalf of its producers to the international wool textile industry. “We are delighted to have partnered with British Wool on our traceable wool programme, Wool ID, in our mattress and bedding ranges. As the largest supplier of British wool, they were always the logical choice. However, what impressed me the most was the level of detail that they go into when grading their wool. Having seen this first-hand across a number of depots, this gives me the utmost confidence that the wool we are using in our products is the best and most appropriate available, ensuring our products perform to the highest standards over their lifetime. “At Woolroom, we are committed to supporting the hard-working British farmer, and this partnership allows us to do just that.”Not only are we connecting consumers with the farmer through our Wool ID branding and innovative QR codes on the finished products, we are also helping to ensure the farmer receives a premium payment for their wool.” “This is a significant step forward for British Wool’s traceable wool scheme and we are delighted to have Chris and the team at Woolroom on-board. The traceable scheme, which we launched at the start of the season, has been working very smoothly through our network of depots. This has allowed us to facilitate this new partnership with Woolroom.