Development of a range of lace fashion hybrid one-piece bodysuits has been done by Karl Mayer which are efficiently produced on its ML 41 raschel lace machine.

“As can be seen with the strapless eye-catcher on this page, Karl Mayer has developed a garment that can be worn universally and is also extremely efficient to produce,” Karl Mayer reports.

“Half bodysuit, half swimsuit, the chic one-piece cuts a good figure both when sunbathing and when strolling around town. The fabric for this street and beachwear is produced on an ML 41 in E 28. For this purpose, the multibar raschel machine produces fabric lines of seamlessly lined up transparent and opaque striped areas, from which – following a 90° turn – the back and front of the bodysuit can be separated easily and without much waste.”

“The pattern guide bars allow for incorporation of the necessary cutting marks, as well as effective designs. Multibar technology opens the door to interesting possibilities in terms of design. In particular transparent striped sections on the base of sporty Powernet within a closed ground construction can be adorned with a feminine lace touch to great effect.”

“The width of the transparent and opaque areas can be changed at will thanks to the threading on the ML 41. The 134″ machine produces up to three such pre-made-up fabric lines simultaneously and incorporates draw threads between them for easy separation by hand. All that needs to be done to finish the garment, is to stitch the side seams at the front and back together. There is no need for hems at the leg openings because the technology used for warp knitted textiles offers high edge stability. The production process could hardly be more efficient,” Karl Mayer concludes.

Manali bhanushali
Author: Manali bhanushali

Manali Bhanushali