Online Clothing Study, an educational blog for the apparel industry professionals and newcomers by Prasanta Sarkar, has published an eBook ‘Industrial Engineer’s Digest: 201 Best Collected IE articles from OCS Blog.

The author has compiled this eBook with 201 best collected industrial engineering articles from his blog OnlineClothingStudy.Com. By reading this book, industrial engineers can learn the concepts of industrial engineering subject, major activities of the IE department, job responsibilities of IE department, methods of doing IE activities, common problems of the garment manufacturing industry, guides and tips for improving shop floor systems, factory performance, individual employee performance.

The eBook has covered important topics like production KPIs, preparing daily production reports, presenting data in a better way, managing shop floor towards improving productivity and efficiency. These topics are essential for managing a garment factory. Other topics such as employees’ skill-building, line balancing, operator grading, bonus system, production tracking system, line layout, garment costing terms and labor cost calculation procedures are covered in this book. The eBook has also covered doing improvement projects in a factory by industrial engineers and production people.