The Union government’s latest notification clarifying that garments or hosiery products sold in “loose form” will not be covered under the provision of the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, subject to a few details, will improve ease of doing business for the garment and retail industry, say industry associations.

The notification started that a “loose” garment as one sold open at the point of sale in such manner that the consumer can inspect the products before buying.

The Federation of Hosiery Manufacturers’ Association of India and the Clothing Manufacturers’ Association of India have been representing to the government that garments are seen, felt, and even tried before they are purchased and hence should not be included under the ambit of “packaged commodity”. Sanjay K Jain, Vice President, FOHMA, said that“By giving a precise description of what constitutes a loose garment, the government has addressed a long standing grievance of the industry,”.

“The other crucial clarification included in the current notification is that the garment should be in a loose form as defined in the notification at the point of purchase by the consumer – again issuing a clear rule that goods being in a packed form for safety or hygiene consideration during storage and transit before it reaches the point of purchase will not be considered as ‘packed’”, added Rahul Mehta, chief mentor and former president of CMAI.

Rajesh Masand, president of CMAI, said the Association also welcomed the the requirement of details to be specified such as MRP, internationally accepted size indicators, name of the manufacturer or marketer or importer, contact details of Consumer Care, which will offer protection to the consumer.