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Published: September 9, 2020
Author: Rajni Yadav

NorthShore Care Supply is elevating its company culture with new headquarters designed to facilitate better communication among employees. The design includes an ideation room, huddle rooms, alcoves with functional couches & chairs, a massage chair, a product testing lab and a lunchroom featuring robust marketplace serving a large selection of food & drinks.
Hand sanitiser is readily available in the workspace to support safety protocols, tall windows allow abundant sunlight to stream in, a living moss wall adds a refreshing natural touch and the entire space is open and flexible.

Companies with a high level of employee engagement are 21 per cent more profitable than those with poor engagement. Furthermore, studies show that treating employees as stakeholders greatly increases an organisation’s chances of achieving successful outcomes. Recognising that company culture is imperative to long-term success and that employees are an organisation’s most valuable asset, NorthShore Care Supply has consistently taken measures to strengthen its culture.

To this end, NorthShore Care Supply president and founder Adam Greenberg sought input regarding the new building from his employees. Greenberg encouraged staff to get involved in the details, down to selecting the paint colour for the walls, fabric for the lunchroom booths and the design of the workspace furniture.

“We value collaboration and I wanted to create a setting that encourages it, even as our company grows. While the new headquarters perfectly accommodates our current number of employees, it was also thoughtfully designed to scale up in the future in accordance with our growth,” Greenberg said.

Greenberg put a great deal of thought into the company’s new address: 1 Confidence Drive. NorthShore Care Supply was permitted by the local village to use the address because it was the first business to move into the new commercial development. He wanted the name of the address to reflect the confidence the company gives customers who use its incontinence products. People dealing with incontinence can reclaim their lives thanks to NorthShore Care Supply’s products, which gives them a significant boost in confidence.

Once inside the building, a verdant moss wall dominates the wall leading to the lunchroom and is emblazoned with “#NorthShoreCares.” This hashtag, which NorthShore Care Supply regularly uses on social media, reinforces the company’s commitment to positively impacting the lives of those managing incontinence. Employees were enthusiastic about the idea of a ‘green’ moss wall when it was proposed, as moss walls have been shown to enhance focus, reduce stress and improve air quality.

In addition to an ideation room and huddle rooms for staff members, the space also includes consultation rooms where employees can consult with customers. The lunchroom is anything but ordinary, with industrial lighting in a loft-style setting and a mix of chair, high-top and booth seating. The marketplace features a cashless kiosk and a wide variety of food, beverages and other items. Greenberg is also making complimentary ice cream available when all of the employees return to the office.

The customer care & service experts at NorthShore Care Supply play a critical role in strengthening the company’s reputation and, in turn, its success and growth. In addition to undergoing in-depth product education, these employees now have a collaborative, serene, calm and welcoming space on the second floor to call their own. The department also includes a high-tech training room, a dedicated conference room and breakout spaces. Electric standing desks are outfitted with ergonomic chairs and shelves where employees can store personal items. Large windows overlook a scenic pond and let in plenty of sunlight.

NorthShore Care Supply’s new warehouse has emerged as a high-tech fulfillment center complete with conveyor automation and automatic mobile robots. This sophisticated technology ensures employees can quickly, safely and efficiently package, organise and store customer orders. It also relieves them of the physical toll that lifting and loading heavy items can place on the body.

Greenberg also recently commissioned the installation of touch-less hand sensors, foot-operated door openers, plexiglass “sneeze” shields and automatic hand sanitiser dispensers to minimise contact with surfaces and help protect employees.

“The elements we have incorporated into our new headquarters are all items that employees mentioned they would like to have. Accommodating their preferences was important to me. I want to do everything in my power to make our employees happy, as they are the reason for our success. Plus, satisfied employees are more likely to provide exemplary customer service and we want our customers to receive the very best from us,” Greenberg said.

NorthShore Care Supply was founded in 2002 by Adam Greenberg after family members struggled to manage their incontinence with retail adult diapers. NorthShore is the leading direct-to-consumer brand of high absorbency adult diapers and incontinence supplies in the US providing peace of mind to those with moderate to severe incontinence. NorthShore is committed to #EndHealthStigma to help 80 million Americans living with some form of bladder or bowel dysfunction.

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