In a recent meeting held on the occasion of national hand-loom day on 7th of August. The Northeast India fashion and design council (FNDC) drew attention about how the hand-loom sectors have been subjected to devastating quakes by citizenship amendment act (CAA), COVID 19 Pandemic crisis and now by, flood since last year.

The society directly tried to support the recent messages like ‘vocal for local’, ‘aatmanirbhar’ and ‘i wear hand-loom’ by enlightening the awareness by sharing awareness on the transcendence of possibilities with hand-loom products to the young generation. The council motivated the pride of wearing hand-loom to everyone. The facts say that hand-loom sector is the second largest source of employment ( provides employment to around 4.33 million people and around 95% of world’s hand-loom products come from India) after agriculture in our economy and more than 50% of weavers belongs to eastern India and North-eastern India.

The founder of Northeast India fashion and design council (FNDC) Medha saikia and joint scretary ‘Barsha Phukan’ mentions in their interview that the fashion industry of north east is completely based on handloom weavers and it seriously needs to be acknowledged by the general public of the entire economy.