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North East Trade & Investment Roadshow in Kolkata: Embarking on a New Era of Progress and Prosperity for the Northeast

Published: February 21, 2024

The Ministry of Development of the North Eastern Region (MDoNER) orchestrated a remarkable event today, the North East Trade and Investment Roadshow in Kolkata, signalling a dawn of opportunities for the northeast. The event kick-started on a positive note, with Minister of State B L Verma and esteemed government officials emphasising the region’s rapid growth and investment prospects.

Minister Verma shed light on the strides taken by the northeast, positioning it as a burgeoning investment haven across various sectors. Mentioning PM Modi’s vision for the region as ‘Ashtalakshmi,’ he highlighted the improved connectivity through roads, railways, airways, and digital networks. The minister accentuated the wealth of opportunities in power, agriculture, education, tourism, and more, urging investors to explore the region’s potential.

Chanchal Kumar, MDoNER Secretary, echoed the sentiment, labelling the northeast as India’s growth engine driven by enhanced connectivity. Emphasising the progress and the region’s vibrant villages, he underlined the continuous development efforts to augment socio-cultural structures. The roadshow marked a pivotal moment in propelling the northeast as a prime investment destination, primed for transformative growth.

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