During COVID-19 when there are layoffs and salary cuts in many companies the Sahara Group has given the pay hikes and promotions to its employees. Sahara Group has made a statement that there will be no layoff of workers from any of its business verticals due to coronavirus situation. In spite of deprivation, Sahara Group said “it has taken a strong decision of not laying off any office workers from any of its business vertical due to pandemic and added that all the workers will continue to work with full security”.

The Sahara Group is also planning to recruit from people who have recently migrated back to Uttar Pradesh from different states in the wake of pandemic and they will be appointed at the local level based on their qualifications in various business activities of the group, a company statement said.


It, however, said that economic activities have been adversely affected because of lockdown and the group is facing an unprecedented situation. Based on productivity, the company said it has given one cadre promotion to its 4,05,874 field workers. Along with this, as many as 4,808 office workers were given a promotion with salary increment, the statement said.

The Sahara Group has 14 lakh workers associated with its various business verticals.