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Nilörn Bangladesh Joins as bluesign® System Partner

Published: June 5, 2024
With the addition of operations in Bangladesh, Nilörn, a global leader in the industry of woven and printed fashion labels, has joined the bluesign® system as a partner. Known for offering a broad variety of packaging solutions from a brand-building perspective, Nilörn serves a clientele of household name brands, making them a one-stop resource for everything from garment tags to e-commerce packaging, including cardboard boxes, paper, and plastic bags with custom prints. Their primary objective is to provide cost-effective solutions with a strong aesthetic, transforming finished goods into polished, appealing products.

“We ship our products to more than 85 countries around the world and are hence part of far-reaching supply chains,” said Anna-Karin Wårfors, Global Sustainability Manager of Nilörn. “We know that such a global presence calls for globally responsible actions. We aim to be sustainability leaders in our industry.”

The bluesign® SYSTEM is the key to sustainable textile production, eliminating harmful substances from the beginning of the manufacturing process and setting standards for environmentally friendly and safe production. This ensures that the final textile product meets stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide, providing consumers with confidence in acquiring sustainable products.

Anna-Karin Wårfors further added, “Nilörn’s sustainability strategy outlines our objectives and areas of concentration for the long term. It was founded upon our mission of ‘Adding value to your brand,’ in conjunction with Global Compact’s 10 principles on human rights, labor law, the environment, and anti-corruption, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and guided by a comprehensive materiality analysis.”

Nilörn Portugal has been a bluesign® system partner since 2012, and Nilörn East Asia joined in 2017. “We are very happy to add Nilörn Bangladesh as a bluesign® system partner,” Wårfors stated. “The bluesign® system uses a strict audit and chemical management system to eliminate harmful substances throughout the supply chain, ensuring that products meet stringent consumer safety requirements and are produced sustainably. The bluesign® labels cover responsible use of resources, production with minimal impact on people and the environment, and the highest level of consumer safety.”

Mohammad Abdul Quyum, Managing Director of Nilörn Bangladesh, commented “Joining the bluesign® system empowers us to prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility, showcasing our commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance. By accessing the expertise of bluesign® technologies, we benefit from their rigorous evaluation of processes and materials, ensuring compliance with stringent environmental and safety standards throughout the textile supply chain. This collaborative approach will not only streamline our operations but also drive innovation, enabling us to stay ahead while reducing our environmental footprint.”

Ms. Katharina V. Mayer, bluesign Regional Director CRM, South Asia, said, “bluesign is a total sustainability solution provider offering services for the entire textile and footwear value chain. Our holistic approach towards sustainable production focuses on on-site assessments, input stream management, and active chemical change management. Our team is dedicated to assisting and cooperating with our industry partners to ensure a better presence and future for our planet, taking full responsibility for clean production. We are delighted to welcome Nilörn Bangladesh as our bluesign® system partner.”

Bluesign and Nilörn are fundamental components of apparel manufacturing, sharing a bond of conscious chemical management and a commitment to quality that each has become known for. This discerning level of collaboration further strengthens the sustainable practices within the textile industry.

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