Nilit, a worldwide maker of high-quality Nylon 6.6 for clothing and performance textiles and owner of the Sensil sustainable brand, has announced the release of its 2017-2020 sustainability report.
The paper, titled “Making Nylon Sustainable,” covers the company’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact during the previous five years, as well as its ambitions to ‘positively encourage the textile and clothing sector to pick more sustainable materials and utilise them in more responsible ways.’
Nilit has published a report, ‘Making Nylon Sustainable’ which outlines its plans to improve the ecological and social influence of its operations and practices in the market and in the communities where it operates. The company says it is committed to providing the most consumer-relevant, highest quality, and most sustainable premium Nylon 6.6 products to the apparel market. It is also developing technologies of mechanical recycling to provide recycled yarn from post-consumer nylon waste.