India is set to witness Nila with her dusky complexion and eyes that can launch a hundred brands. Must be wondering who she is? Yes, she is a model, but what is so special about her? Well, Nila is India’s first digital model. This is truly an interesting side of the pandemic that amid all the chaos, India got her own digital model.

With Nila, Inega becomes India’s first agency to represent a digital model. Making her first appearance via her Instagram handle @nila.gram and via Inega’s official handle, Nila marks India’s foray into the world of digital ramps, after other international digital influencers such as Lil Miquela and Imma Gram.

Nila means ‘moon’ in Tamil. Ankit Mehta, CEO of Inega, says, “Nila, as we see her, could build a road to create the concept of supermodels in India. The worlds of fashion and brand endorsements are extremely dynamic ones. With an ever-evolving preference palate and mindset, there is an appetite for newer experiences and concepts. After 20 years of launching and managing unique and talented individuals who represent the wide expanse of India and the world, we believe the time is right for Nila.”

Talking about her dusky skin, Mehta says, “We are conscious of India, who she is and what she stands for and it was important for Nila, who may one day represent India outside her geographical boundaries to reflect us.”

Within hours of her debut, Nila has already garnered interest from some of the leading fashion brands of the country. Globally, brands such as Valentino, Dior and Prada have already welcomed virtual models into their campaigns, to complement real models. Trying to humanise Nila, there is a story weaved around her saying that her favourite emotion is love. Her guiding principles as she learns more about the world is to treat those around her with fairness; and consequently, to be treated fairly.

The timing about the launch of Nila seems to be really appropriate. Mehta adds, “We believe there is a huge opportunity to create an alternative within the fashion industry. From brand endorsements in static and motion media to virtual fashion shows, Nila is set to revolutionise the norms of the industry.”

India is a sensitive market and the audience needs to know and connect with whosoever is telling the narrative, he said. “It creates a challenge for any virtual character, but we are conscious of this. We are optimistic that the roadmap created by Team Nila will take her towards a successful journey”, adds Mehta.
Nila also has something to say about her launch. She says, “I am extremely grateful to the whole Inega team for welcoming me with open arms. More importantly, to ‘Team Nila’, my champions within Inega and Inega Prograde who nourish my personality. Together, they have conceptualised and launched me, a digital character, imbued with all the excitement and wonder of a child. I can’t wait to begin my interactions with the vast and multi-faceted world of brands, fashion, art, music, you name it!”