Ngala Trading Company ; the largest importer and distributer of sustainable furnishings and home decor, partners with Ardmore Design which is a South African country for launching the outdoor collection. The outdoor collection will have fabric by the yard and pillows featuring four types of pattern – monkey bean – cheetah kings – sabie forest – camp critters – which will be available in two or three colours.

The Sabie Forest pattern express the vibrancy and richness of South Africa. The Cheetah King pattern highlights the wild cat features and on the other hand the Camp Critters highlights the soothing and relaxing feeling of birds and smallest beasts. The last on the pattern list is the Monkey Bean which portrays the implish monkey and regal cheetah amidst the lucky bean trees.

Ngala Treading’s creative director and co-founder, Lawson Ricketts said that the partnership with Ardmore Design and colorful African wildlife inspired patters in outdoor   collection will further bring the richness of indoor design outside.

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