The world is facing multiple tough challenges in the COVID-19 pandemic. Globally the need for protecting individuals from Coronavirus is the biggest challenge. In this crisis moment, medical equipment like face mask is making a difference in saving people from getting infected.

NgaiShing Development Limited has come up with face protecting mask with NgaiShing automatic melt-blown fabric cutting and winding machine (NS-1160-1800). aamra resource limited and NgaiShing Development Limited jointly had been working hard on R&D for one month.

Ngai Shing Development Limited is a company specialized in garment machinery manufacturing, its original name is Ngai Shing Engineering Manufactory, which was founded in 1954. Its distribution networks and service partners cover more than 40 countries over the world. The headquarters is in Hong Kong and the manufacturing plant is located in Shenzhen China with a production plant of 40,000 square meters and employees of over 600.

Ngai Shing Development Limited devotes itself to the research and production of garment machines and concentrate its attention on the development of the garment industry. In this global crisis, it has put its step ahead for extending support through its specialized R&D.

On the other hand, the purpose of aamra resources limited (ARL) is to continuously add value by offering technology solutions in just about every textiles segment. For close to three decades (since 1987), aamra resources limited (ARL) has been at the service of Bangladesh’s Textile and Apparel industry.

After a successful R&D together, they have introduced a brand new highly efficient face protecting mask producing machine with an automatic fold face mask production line to automatic flat production line and the packaging machine. The whole process is done automatically.