A start-up in the United States Nextiles has released a new software development kit (SDK) that it is making available to the industry at large.
The firm has established a human movement analytics platform that collects data generated by the wear of Nextiles’ smart textiles.
Nextiles has created a smart thread technology that collects biometric and biomechanical data by inserting circuit boards in textiles. Stretch textiles, such as nylon or spandex, are used to create the fabric, which incorporates metallic threads capable of detecting pressure, bend, and stretch. According to Nextiles CEO George Sun, the company’s goal is to create the “most complete data collection platform for human mobility.”
Nextiles has released a new SDK for its sensors, allowing businesses to collect data from their consumers. Potential clients of the technology include the sports, fitness, and sleep sectors. Partners are able to create customised algorithms for each use case and personalise insights using machine learning by gathering these datasets. In practise, an athlete might wear smart clothing studded with sensors from which trainers could learn and develop.