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Kanpur: The Leather Capital of India

Published: June 12, 2020
Author: moosa.nayeem

Down the ages,”Kanpur always has had a unique relation with technology advance and using it for human advancement. One or other type of technology took this city to greater heights in the 20th century. The city’s excellence in the textile industry earned it the named of ‘Manchester of the east’, when it mills competed with the best in the world”, Kovind added.

Leather City’, ‘Manchester of the East’, Kanpur is India’s oldest and largest industrial city and is the economic capital of Uttar Pradesh. The beginning of the leather industry in Kanpur began in the nineteenth century when British forces made the area their base. The British Army’s need for saddlery, harness and boots created a thriving industry and the two companies which were formed at this time.

The Government Harness and Saddlery Factory and Copper Allen and Company continued to supply British Forces throughout two World Wars. Following independence in 1947 production switched to domestic products which are now exported all over the world.

The city has over four hundred tanneries of which ninety produce vegetable tanned leather. The main line of production in Kanpur is footwear, although all kinds of leather goods can be found there. Meston Road and Bada Chauraha, are famous places in Kanpur to buy footwear, bags and accessories.


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