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New Thermolite Everyday Warmth by Lycra: with advanced heat retention technology

Published: December 8, 2022

Thermolite Everyday Warmth, a brand-new fabric invention that The Lycra Company initially introduced with the production of new socks, has been introduced. According to the technology, it offers functional performance as well as improved heat retention without adding weight. This is made possible by hollow fibres that act as air pockets and reportedly trap the body heat of the wearer. 

“We’re laser-focused on producing high-quality fibres that empower our customers to create comfortable garments that deliver lasting performance,” said Sybille Bald, Legwear Strategic Marketing Director at The Lycra Company.

“As the temperatures drop and people lower their thermostats to save energy, socks that help keep feet warm will become a critical component of daily attire. The launch of Thermolite Everyday Warmth technology for socks enables brands to differentiate their products while providing consumers in colder environments the warmth they require,” Sybille continued.

The product’s performance has been verified by a standardised measurement technique which the company says measures the degree of warmth provided.

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