Brooklyn Bedding, the manufacturer and retailer of sleep products introduced a new luxury sleep line, which will be available in the company’s stores and its e-commerce site. The new lineup is available in three colours – khaki, silver and white – and the bamboo cotton sheets are designed in deep pocket style for high profile mattress up to 17 inches. The sheets are made up of rayon fibers helps in maintaining proper body temperature throughout the night and the properties of moisture wicking and breathability gives great cooling comfort. 

The company provides brushed microfiber sheets along with mattress protector, pillows and blankets ranging from high value bedding essentials to luxury bedding products. The new luxury bedding also accompany with Brooklyn Bedding’s other sleep products like Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid, Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid, and Brooklyn Bedding mattresses Bloom Hybrid. 

John Merwin the owner and CEO of Brooklyn Bedding said that the increase in demand for high profile luxury mattress they introduced this new luxury sleep lineup which are designed in deep pocket sheets and are made from natural materials to provide high end functionality and great comfort.