A shopper has criticised New Look for it’s sizing after buying three pairs of jeans that all fit differently.

Women face a sizeable challenge when it comes to finding clothes that fit on the high street and can often leave fitting rooms feeling frustrated.

In fact, a recent test by Good Morning Britain revealed that 83 per cent are forced to buy a larger size, while one in three women say it has negative impact on their self-esteem.

One shopper who knows this struggle all too well is Melanie Lisle from Newcastle, who, after buying three different pairs of jeans in the same size found that only one of them fit.

Posting a side-by-side photo of the size 12 jeans on Twitter, Lisle wrote, “New Look how can you explain the same jeans style in the same size, but three completely different sizes!?”

The image clearly shows a vast difference in sizing between each pair and the frustrated shopper revealed only one of them fit while she was unable to get another past her mid-thigh.

Speaking to Sun Online, Lisle revealed that the experience lead her to believe that there must have been something wrong with her, and that she’s concerned inconsistencies in sizing could lead to body shaming.

“I felt rubbish when they didn’t fit, and with the smaller pair I honestly think I’d have had to get a size 16 to fit,” she explained.

“It’s also the consistency thing, just feel like sizing should be standard across a range and that I’ve had to waste my time returning stuff because they can’t get their sizing right.”

After contacting New Look regarding the issue, Lisle says that she was unhappy with their response after being told that she should simply return anything that doesn’t fit back to the store.

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