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“Buy less, choose well, make it last!”

Today, people are getting aware of the problems textiles causes to our environment. Water pollution, cheap dyes, over use of fossil fuels for manufacturing synthetics like polyester etc. such problems are coming under limelight. Due to all these reasons, a new trend emerged that rejects all the chaos- ‘Minimalism’.

Minimalism means discarding the unnecessary and keeping the things one really needs and provides him the real value and joy. Minimalist fashion means having a minimal amount of clothes in your wardrobe the feels right for you. Honestly, with the increasing amount of waste generated by fast fashion every year, slow fashion is the need of the hour. Instead of shopping vigorously just to keep up with the trends, let us plan and shop our clothes that serves our ‘need’ instead of our ‘want’.

Being a minimalist can be a tough experience at start. Getting rid of the clothes you love, restricting ourselves from buying new attractive things, getting used to the empty wardrobe, etc. Although for some people discarding things by donating them to the needy can be liberating as well, like a win-win situation. Don’t just send unwanted stuff to the landfill. Thoughtfully donate, sell or gift it to someone.

How to start a minimalist wardrobe:-
❖ Firstly, get rid of all the extra stuffs from your wardrobe from clothes to accessories to shoes.
❖ Keep the stuff that you really want and use on daily basis. If not used in past 2-3 weeks, consider it unwanted.
❖ Being a minimalist teaches how to be happy in less not only in the terms of number of things but also teaches you to spend less.

❖ Making a budget before your shopping list is an essential step. Your wardrobe need not
consist of only branded clothes, in fact the cheaper the better.
❖ Minimalism is about your own personal style. Don’t just buy trendy clothes to fit in the crowd. Buy and wear what suits your personality!

Must-have list for a minimalist wardrobe:-Fig.2 Fig.3Fig.4

• Solid colour t-shirts- Being a minimalist does not have to be monochrome. It can be as colourful and cheerful as you are!
• Basic denims- No matter how uncomfortable wearing denim jeans can be but we all do agree that blue and black jeans look smart on any person of each and every size.
• Black and white solid formal shirts- Formal wear makes an individual look disciplined and feel confident at work.
• Black and grey formal trousers.
• Black bomber jacket.
• Comfortable pair of shoes- such that can be worn to office as well as a party.
• Tote bag- One of the best types of bag amongst others. Carries a lot of stuff and is easy to handle.

Article By Intern:- Rashi Trivedi

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