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New fabric provides a long-term option for brand design

Published: August 17, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
Moss, a brand presentation company whose products include advertising designs and hanging panels made from tension fabrics, has collaborated with the Seaqual Initiative, a plastic pollution community project, to offer a new fabric for SEGs (silicone edge graphics) made from upcycled marine plastic, post-consumer waste, and recycled polyester.
According to the business, graphics and banners created with ‘SustainaTex Ocean’ fabric are an ideal choice for brands looking to guarantee sustainability is at the heart of their new advertising campaigns or exhibition stand branding.
Moss is exclusively launching a fully sustainable SEG graphic with reclaimed ocean plastic, as part of its alliance with the Seaqual Initiative. SustainaTex Ocean contains Seaqual yarn, which is made from both marine plastic and post-consumer waste from land sources. The company says its strategic supply chain relationships allows it to set a new industry standard in sustainability. It will combine a PVC-free gasket, post-Consumer plastic, upcycled marine plastic, and Oeko-Tex compliant dye sublimation inks. For every square foot of material in SustainATex Ocean, 2.26 (16.9 Oz) plastic bottles are being saved from oceans and landfills.

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