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New Collection Launched: BATASHA by Label Earthen

Published: March 24, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Celebrating the impalpable joy of dots

Mumbai, March 2021:Label Earthen’s new collection Batasha is equal parts fun and flamboyant. This exuberance is dispatched with ebbing honesty, practicality and comfort—a practice we have inculcated deep within our DNA.
Perhaps this is the reason why it all started with the wonderful entirety of dots.

Half a century ago, the versatility of dots could be found everywhere: as a decoration for eccentric art, as a symbol of femininity and feminism, in utilitarian objects and if you look closely, even in nature. It is, of course, also one of the most ubiquitous motifs in fashion and yet it can seem thoroughly distinct.

Many of our collections at Label Earthen radiate in the expansive wisdom of art and in turn we can cultivate experiences that give joy to everyone. The universality, happiness and comfort of dots—both reassuringly classic and of-the- moment—can be savoured in our vibrant and vitalising collection Batasha.

From timeless saris in monochromatic tones to kurta sets and lehengas that merge classic with contemporary, these perennial pieces will quickly become everyday sources of happiness. This delicious print meanders across cosy fabrics like cotton mal and wispy organza.

Many of the styles are stamped with our signature: scalloped dupattas, voluminous silhouettes that light and airy and the celebration of comfort that is omnipresent. But above all, Batasha is an unprecedented tale of joy presented with the vigour of (sometimes bold and sometimes itsy bitsy) dots.
These ensembles have a piece of history and a creative bravery pulsing beneath it all. We’re taking a deep-dive into it all. Join us.

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