ZTE, a Chinese technology company, and its Italian partners have created a novel 5G-enabled smart shirt that is supposed to detect a combination of bio characteristics that have never previously been detected by textile sensors.

The Italian Red Cross has announced the debut of a new 5G mobile phone technology that will give remote medical help to those suffering from chronic diseases and those with health concerns. ZTE is reported to be one of the major creators of worldwide 5G standards, with a patented technology worth around $7 billion. An ECG, a respiratory act analysis, swear components, muscle effort, and body temperature are all part of the technology.
The YouCare smart shirt is built on BSP-prediction Medical’s algorithms for cardiovascular diseases, a world leader in medical data science. ZTE has stated that testing of the smart shirt will begin this autumn at its Innovation and Research Centre in Italy. Last week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, saw the successful debut of the YouCare shirt.