Japanese apparel manufacturers are taking refuge in artificial intelligence technology to boost lowered sales.

To predict the designs and colors that consumers will prefer or come into trend, Tokyo-based Neural Pocket Inc. analyses data from multiple sources. It runs a system that automatically collects big data related to garments on numerous fashion websites, Instagram and other social networking services to analyze everyday fluctuations in trends.

Neural Pocket Inc. predicts the near future trendy products by analyzing data on colors, designs and clothing lengths. AI technology-based approach is fresh in the apparel industry, which usually relies on the experience and instinct of designers and fashion forecasters to predict near-future trends.

A recent analysis by Neural Pocket showed that there is a transformation in color trend amid the pandemic. Its data recommended that clothing in whitish color, which is well known for communicating a sense of security, is becoming popular.

The coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown in many countries have led to closure for apparel stores, leading many to rely on AI to come out of this situation.


Textile Today, Japanese Apparel Manufacturers Lifting Off AI