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Mycoworks notified about addition to the executive team

Published: June 18, 2020
Author: munimji

Mycoworks, manufacturer of mycelium products invented to offer a substitute to the plastic foams, textile, and leather. Biomaterials based company notified the additions to the executive team.

“As we embark on scaling up the commercial production of Reishi™, we are thrilled to add these experienced industry executives to the MycoWorks team,” said MycoWorks CEO Matthew Scullin. “Each brings an extensive understanding of the various aspects of our manufacturing processes. Their leadership will be invaluable as we continue to grow operations to meet demand from our brand partners.”

Chief Manufacturing Officer Doug Hardesty, Chief of Product Mike Todd, and Advisor John Diener.

Doug brings to MycoWorks his tried-and-true “Vertical Start-Up” playbook for the rapid and predictable start-up of new manufacturing technologies, honed at Procter & Gamble. Chief of Product Mike Todd is an experienced and accomplished supply chain executive with an extensive background in the Global Leather and Luxury Accessories markets. Diener oversees day-to-day factory operations, research & development, and product development. Previously, Diener was CEO of Gold Coin SyAqua Group, a leading aquaculture nutrition and genetics company, and Managing Director, Corporate Development at the Zuellig Group.

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