Myant Inc. is a global pioneer in Textile Computing. ‘The Connect to Conquer Performance Lab’ is to be situated in a facility in Toronto. To assist the development of next-generation connected performance, which will be enabled via textiles that sense and react to the human body.

Their mission is to intersect applied sports science, electrophysiology, engineering, data science, behavioral science, and textiles.

To foresee a new degree of connectedness between athletes, their bodies, connected fitness equipment/devices and training/rehabilitation professionals, by taking virtual workouts to create a fully bidirectional interface. Therefore, helping athletes connect to training, recovery and previously unrealized levels of performance.

The current market for performance measurements is limited, like bio-metric tracking of heart rate. When textiles are knitted with the ability to sense and react to the body and is connected to the cloud, they enable this vision of the future of fitness to become a reality.

This revolutionary potential is in the form of Skiin, Myant’s connected clothing line designed to connect people to better health and well-being. Skiin was honored a winner in the Health & Wellness category of the CES 2020 Innovation Awards. Now, they want to enable the same for athletic performance. By creating a direct interface to the human body across training, performance and recovery.

Textiles that are powered by Skiin, have apparel as the key enabler of a new type of connectedness. A deeper connection is created between the athlete and their body, their lives, and the people and equipment/devices that help them unleash their potential.