In a thrilling new discovery, Muse Nanobots, an Indian start-up, has released nanotech textile finishes, that they claim can kill the virus within five minutes of contact.

With the lockdown restrictions loosening, and people returning back to their workplaces, the nanocoated textiles by Muse can offer great protection to those who must travel, as well as to frontline healthcare workers and other providers of essential services.

Collaborating with the US based Situ Biosciences, they tested the effectiveness of the antiviral coating with exciting results- 99.99% of the coronavirus 229E inactivated within a mere 5 minutes. Tests were also done to ensure that the chemicals used are not toxic to the human skin in any form.

“We are one of the first Indian technology companies to prove, via clinical testing and validation, the coating efficacy of our product on the Coronavirus. Muse Nanobots coating has also displayed a strong antibacterial activity on human pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli, and Staphylococcus aureus, among others. The coating makes the textile surface self-sanitizing and provides a germ resistant surface,” said Sai Prasanth, co-founder of Muse Nanobots.

This proves to be a major step in the fight against the spread of the novel coronavirus, as this coating can be applied to any textiles, including civilian clothing, masks, PPE Kits as well as packaging material. All this, without sacrificing comfort. 

By the end of 2020, the company is looking to install their technology in numerous textile production units, currently being in advanced stages of negotiations with 15 of them. These textile units will produce home upholstery, PPEs, sportswear and athleisure as well as workwear and casual clothing with this protective technology.

The coating process does not cause any changes to the textiles it is applied to in terms of print, colours or texture. This makes it highly functional to be applied on clothing from school uniforms to sportswear. The coating lasts upto 60 washes when it is washed at a temperature under 70 degrees celsius. No leaching of the chemicals was observed. 

Apart from the prospective installations of machines to apply washes in textile units, the company also has a facility where fabrics can be sent to be coated with the finish.

Muse Nanobots is a subsidiary IIT Madras’ Muse Wearables, and Muse Nanobot’s antiviral face masks will be available as early as September 2020 on their website as well as on major e-commerce platforms.

SOURCE: The Economic Times


Author: SaachiBhatia