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Mulch mats

Published: June 14, 2020
Author: mhamza

Mulch mat is a useful hairy mulching disc which helps to suppress the weeds, lower water loss from the soil surface and slow up those slugs and snails.There is a handy slit in the disc to make the disc lay nice and easy.You can enlarge the central hole easily if your plant needs a bit more space.Mulch mats are used to suppress weed growth in horticulture applications, It covers the soil, blocking of light and preventing the competitive wheat growth around seed links, This also reduces the need for herbicides required for weed control Needle punched non-woven and black plastic sheet are used for this application, Bio degradable and non‐biodegradable types of mulch mats are available.

A variety of materials are used as mulch:

  • Organic residuesgrassclippings, leaveshaystraw, kitchen scraps comfrey, shredded bark, whole bark nuggets, sawdustshellswoodchips, shredded newspapercardboardwool, animal manure, etc. Many of these materials also act as a direct composting system, such as the mulched clippings of a mulching lawn mower, or other organics applied as sheet composting.
  • Compost: fully composted materials are used to avoid possible phytotoxicity Materials that are free of seeds are ideally used, to prevent weeds being introduced by the mulch.
  • Old carpet (synthetic or natural): makes free, readily available mulch.
  • Rubber mulch: made from recycled tire
  • Plastic mulch: crops grow through slits or holes in thin plastic sheeting. This method is predominant in large-scale vegetable growing, with millions of acres cultivated under plastic mulch worldwide each year (disposal of plastic mulch is cited as an environmental problem).
  • Rock and gravelcan also be used as mulch. In cooler climates the heat retained by rocks may extend the growing season.

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