Manifattura Italiana Cucirini (MIC), an Italian company specialising in developing innovative yarns with low environmental impact for the fashion, leather, footwear and furniture sectors, has unveiled a special sewing thread which has been treated with special treatment called Safe. The thread is suitable for personal protective equipment (PPE). The thread has significance in the fight against COVID-19. The company has invited other companies in Italy and abroad to express their needs for this type of thread. In some cases, it is donating it for free.

“Thanks to this experience and to the know-how in the field, in order to fulfil the demand of security and safety in the apparel industry, MIC Spa has developed a new treatment called SAFE that makes the sewing thread especially suitable for all sectors demanding protection, hygiene and odour controlling properties, including production of medical supplies like masks, gowns, and PPE, technical textiles and sportswear,” the company said. Safe treatment lasts up to over 20 washes, done following the garment’s washing instructions utilising a PH neutral detergent.

The company said, “Safe treatment is compatible with all fibres – synthetic, artificial and natural – and it can be combined perfectly with other MIC treatments (i.e. water repellent PFC-free), without altering the characteristics and solidity of the treated sewing threads.” This treatment is performed with Sanitiser (certified by Bluesign and derma approved by Allergy UK), a disinfecting product that thanks to its properties can reduce the antibacterial and viral load up to 99 per cent.

MIC treated sewing threads are tested and approved according to international standards ASTM G21 (antifungal) and JIS L 1902 (antibacterial). Threads’ antiviral properties are tested in independent laboratories, therefore the final product in which Safe treated yarn has been used must necessarily be certified and authorised according to regulations.