Underwear and loungewear specialist MEY has announced the launch of its product series Zzzleepwear, that is developed to improve the quality of sleep for men and women. Setting new standards in the sleepwear category, functionality and technical innovation are the focus of the product styles that also offer stylish looks and wearer comfort.
According to company, people who sleep well can start the next day full of energy. However, many people suffer from sleep problems that can have a long-term negative impact on health and well-being. MEY’s Zzzleepwear is built to address that.
Fabrics of the Zzzleepwear series are equipped with energear technology from schoeller. They reflect the body’s own energy, which is emitted in the form of far-infrared rays. The textile finish is based on a titanium-mineral matrix, which reflects far-infrared rays back to the body. This effect can have a positive impact on the body and its energy balance. The understanding of far infrared rays and their positive properties has its origin in Asian healing medicine. Far Eastern medicine has incorporated life energy, Qi in Chinese, for centuries. More and more people are discovering that their performance increases when energy balance and energy flow are in harmony. Schoeller is transferring this function to textiles, and MEY is using the finish for the first time in nightwear.
For the new Zzzleepwear series, the energear coating is applied to the inside of the fabric in a honeycomb-like form. It thus represents the core of the series. In addition, the fabric with melange structure is made of natural cotton and thermoregulating fibres that provide high breathability. The large proportion of natural cotton fibres increases the wearing comfort of this special nightwear. The Zzzleepwear series offers different colour variations, as well as outstanding design features like flat seams and an interior print in the neck area.
Author: Ssmundra2612