1 Day salary of all employees donated to to relieve the people hit by COVID–19

Methods Apparel Consultancy India Pvt. Ltd. has donated their 1 Day salary of all employees to the relief fund against the current global pandemic COVID–19. Although apparel industry, is one of the most profitable business spaces to be in, it has perhaps taken a big hit due to the corona virus (covid-19) spread globally. This donation has been made as part of the social responsibility that we carry towards the people and to encourage similar businesses and industry as a whole to come out and stand united in these tough times.

Methods Team has associated themselves previously with a number of social causes. They look at this troubled time in a very unique manner – on one hand, they extend support to society and welfare and on the other, they focus on consolidating their services to offer even better coping opportunities to the industry as a whole.

We wish you all a safe and healthy home stay in these unusually difficult times of Covid-19. Let us use this time to reconcile and consolidate our knowledge. Team Methods has been working hard to upgrade our software and training modules to strengthen the industry as soon as we resume in full force. Hope our measures resonate with the industry.” said Ms. Sunaina Khanna, Director of Methods Apparel Consultancy and Apparel Industry Expert.

Mr. Rajesh Sheokand, Director of Methods Apparel Consultancy and Tech Enthusiast urged the apparel tech world to support society in these times of standstill and expressed that “What makes this crisis interesting is that everybody is in a similar if not the same situation. Businesses don’t have the guarantee to be able to secure the profits that keeps them afloat. Why don’t we use this time to ‘Innovate on Technology’! We never know what opportunity this crisis may create!”

About Methods Apparel Consultancy

Methods Apparel Consultancy was established to “measure, manage and maximize” the profitability of businesses in Sewn Product Industry 39 years back. With clientele spread in 20+ countries, Methods is sought for its topnotch consultancy services and state of the art software solutions to aid apparel business globally.

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