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Meteor Inkjet has released a kit for Ricoh’s new thin film printhead

Published: July 13, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
Meteor Inkjet has added drive electronics and software for Ricoh’s TH5241 industrial inkjet printhead to its product line.
The TH5241, Ricoh’s first SiMEMs thin film piezo printhead, is touted to provide “extremely small, cost-effective package” with excellent resolution and productivity.
The Meteor TH5241 is a new inkjet printer for scanning applications such as sign graphics, fabrics, and labels. The head has 1,280 nozzles in four channels, allowing it to jet up to four colours with a single head. The HDC-R10 printhead drive electronics, according to Meteor, are “easily adaptable to systems of any scale” and “can considerably decrease the work and risk involved with the design and delivery.”
Meteor has launched a new printhead, the TH5241, which Ricoh has announced. OEMs can unleash the potential of these printheads faster and more easily using Meteor’s solutions. “We continue to plan for future innovative innovations, including the next SiMEMS device on our roadmap,” stated Ricoh strategic business development manager Richard Darling.
Image source: printweek

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