Menzel have introduced H- Control Continuous dyeing H-900 machine in India ITME 2016.

Till now we are manufacturing wet processing ranges like continuous bleaching range, single stretch, two stretch bleaching ranges, merceriser , chain merceriser, chainless, combi merceriser, different washer, continuous dying humidity control, technically control of humidity control. This time we introduced H control continuous dyeing machine.

The new Menzel Humidity controlled continuous Pad Dry range having uniform air flow via slot nozzles, fabric capacity 45 meters per section with roller diameter of 200mm to run crease free fabric with Humidity control system.

Application: hot flue drying after dye application combined with infrared predrying zone. Pad dry process : can be expanded with continuous thermo sol range.

Chamber construction:

Uniform airflow, uniform temperature, very effective 15mm insulation to reduce thermal energy consumption, filter can be pulled out from outside.

Heating: Direct gas, steam or oil, IR predryer.

Price range: 30-40% less than imported. Higher than the local. INR 4 cr for H Control machine.