Starting from Europe, passing by America, arriving in Asia. The smart-tech fiber is confirmed to be a fashion choice all over the world

Made from the smart-tech transformation of cotton linters pre-consumer materials and converted through a traceable and transparent closed loop process, Bemberg™ fiber is participating to some of the most cutting edge design innovations on planet Fashion. Its uniqueness comes from its exceptional quality characteristics as the magnificent touch of the fabric that results soft and smooth like silk, second skin-like, and precious look. Bemberg™ boasts also antistatic and breathable performances and the fiber is also biodegradable and compostable. Proving to be a circular economy oriented ingredient, the fiber is driven by innovation and responsibility together with design.

niLuu sleep mask and kimono made of Bemberg™

Last but not least, the collaboration with Carlo Pignatelli, who created a sustainable Green capsule collection with Brunello S.p.A. fabrics. The gown of one of the styles of the bridal collection is made with a jacquard fabric featuring Bemberg™ peach skin, which is coming from a special Velutine™ finishing.The smart fashion side of Bemberg™ emerges from the collection with ECOALF, creating responsible styles made up of the Murren dress and the Zurs trousers 100% Bemberg™; another demonstration of this material capability of being perfect and versatile in every occasion.

From wedding dresses to silky kimonos is a snap: the innovative fiber proves once again its versatility by being the smart ingredient of niLuu, created by the former professional volleyball player Nilufer Bracco. It is a PETA approved cruelty-free loungewear brand using 100% Bemberg™ from Ipeker Textile, that combines the iconic elegance of traditional silk with a socially and environmentally ethical production process. Ipeker Textile is one of the major Bemberg™ fabric producers in Europe that proudly holds the title as the first vegan fabric producer in the world.

But Bemberg™ is also enlarging its position in the market thanks to its valuable partnerships. It has collaborated with the Italian fabric manufacturer Brunello S.p.A. to create unique collections, to obtain innovative features as high absorption and breathability power that give a natural sensation and freshness. The responsible fiber confirms its international attitude with BemBAZIN™, the innovative fabric that empowers the traditional African Damask fabric used to make vibrant garments.

The Japanese brand has teamed up also with Gianni Crespi Foderami to develop a precious 100% Bemberg™ lining with outstanding stretch performance woven in its DNA.  Bemberg™ Natural Stretch was achieved thanks to a complex way of yarn twisting, weaving and finishing. This collection achieves maximum flexibility, resistance and comfort without the use of elastomers polyesters Its glamourous step started at the beginning of the year with the participation at Pitti Uomo, where Bemberg™ supported the new generation of Italian sartorial style. In Florence, it presented an 8-pieces tailoring collection commissioned to and developed by students of the renowned Scuola Triennale di Alta Sartoria Maschile dell’Accademia Nazionali dei Sartori in Rome, using textiles of prominent lining manufacturers like Brunello S.p.A. and Gianni Crespi Foderami S.p.A.

A second step was its participation at Première Vision NYC at the end of January. Here, in the Big Apple, the smart fiber strengthened its presence through innovative collaborations. These included manufacturers from around the worlds such as Brunello S.p.a. and Cotonificio Albini S.p.A from Italy, as well as luxury linings already installed at the Bemberg™ Lining Showroom in the heart of New York in the Garment District hosted by CHH America.
The precious fiber has proven its internationality by moving from one continent to another, opening last summer even a showroom in Hong Kong: a space dedicated to the yarn manufacturers’ admirers like apparel brands, factories and tailors but also design schools and private label designers.
In this occasion, Bemberg™ cemented its presence on the territory in partnership with strategic partner CHH, launching a luxury Bemberg™ yarn dyed stock service for linings and introducing a Bemberg™ smart tag for linings fabrics. More recently, the smart fiber opened a new chapter of glamorous uniqueness by participating at Lakmé Fashion Week 2020, the biggest fashion event in India. The contemporary style and heritage of Bemberg™ joined together the Tattva collection of the famous Indian designer Hemang Agrawal. The result is a magnificent collection where the smart yarns add a new dimension in terms of sustainability and comfort by boosting antistatic and breathable performances, amazing precious silk touch while being also biodegradable and compostable. These important breakthroughs showcase how the smart yarn is globally recognized for its innovation, technology, and ability to deliver high-quality and sustainable ingredients at the same time.