Now a days, a news regarding a private hospital in Coimbatore demanding exorbitant rates for COVID-19 tests is spreading all over the country with the help of  printing media, social media etc. Not only this some hospital charges high to the covid 19 patient sometime they refused the patient to admit in the hospital for their treatment.

After this government decided to raise the step against it,  the district administration and the Health Department have clarified that all private hospitals and laboratories follow the  fixed price cap issued by the government.

The government had capped the price of tests at ₹4,500, which private facilities were supposed to comply with, District Collector K. Rajamani said.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had, in March, said that private facilities which charge higher amounts would face legal action. The price cap of ₹4,500 included ₹1,500 for a screening test for suspect cases and ₹3,000 for a confirmatory test.Besides those with symptoms of the disease who seek treatment, the tests are carried out on patients who undergo non-emergency surgical procedures.

However, according to Mr. Rajamani, it would be difficult to check whether private hospitals were charging excess fees for the treatment of COVID-19 patients and those with suspected symptoms of the disease. Treatment-related expenses also differ among hospitals, he noted.

The Joint Director of Health Services was supposed to monitor the operations of private hospitals, he added. While the cost of treatment is borne by the State in government hospitals, the patients have to foot the bill in private hospitals.