Fashionpreneurs is a newly launched community for Fashion Designers of India, primarily focusing on their business growth, collaboration and building long term networks. It is a platform that caters to young, emerging and premium designers of India.

As Growing a Successful Fashion Business is not easy, Aishwarya Agarwal, Fashion Brand Consultant and Fashion Merchandiser, decided to launch India’s first community for fashion designers to empower them with endless growth opportunities, networking and brand consultancy. Fashionpreneurs is here to nurture the entrepreneurial requirements of every Independent, talented fashion designer who thinks ‘out of the box’ but need the right consultancy for long term profitability and scalability.

Aishwarya Agarwal, with a vision in mind, wanted to help the designers transform their ideas and to make them stand out through networking, collaboration and growth opportunities. Fashionpreneurs only mission is to create a supportive ecosystem for fashion designers, cater to their entrepreneurial needs and to give them a platform to grow their label.

Fashionpreneurs provides the designers with a 24×7 access to business chat group. This community is being operated on WhatsApp and Facebook. They help the designers create their business roadmap and also help them connect the dots to overcome their challenges.

Fashionpreneurs, first of its kind community, provides the designers with:
1. Access to business resources
2. Expert consultation
3. Fashion Merchandising – MultiDesigner Store Collaboration
4. Branding Services – Celebrity shoot opportunity, Collaborative Photoshoot services
5. Business Development – Virtual Fashion Pop-ups
6. Platform to learn from other independent designers
7. Barter Business Opportunities

Aishwarya Agarwal

Founder of Fashionpreneurs