The materials and clothing industry in India has qualities over the whole worth chain from fibre, yarn, texture to attire. It is exceptionally differentiated with a wide scope of fragments going from results of conventional handloom, painstaking work, fleece and silk items to the sorted-out material industry. The composed material industry is described by the utilization of capital-concentrated innovation for large scale manufacturing of material items and incorporates turning, weaving, handling, and clothing fabricating.

The local materials and attire industry remained at $140 bn in 2018 (counting handiworks) of which $100 bn was locally expended while the rest of the segment worth $40 bn was traded to the world market.

Further, the residential utilization of $100 bn was separated into attire at $74 bn, specialized materials at $19 bn and home decorations at $7 bn. While trades contained material fares at $20.5 bn attire sends out at $16.1 bn and handlooms at $3.8 bn.