Masks have made an entourage of itself .It is the the most talked about subject in today’s era and it includes mask ranging from N95 to decorative and weird masks you find on e commerce websites.

You can find decorative masks which are colorful , sometimes matching the dress, sometimes full of embroidery , or printed with specific dialogues or even self painted and developed out of nowhere. But even after so many varieties and ways to procure a mask , people tend to forget its use and the correct ways to use it. It’s the one thing we cannot leave our house without or even enter any body’s else house without (even though we take it out after sometime cause we have to talk, dine and click pictures).

It is a part of cloth that is there in mind but not on mouth because of fine or what other people will perceive you as. But it’s just a matter of time and it will take backseat one’s the vaccines of novel coronavirus comes out and everybody will go back to mask less lives. Sure there will be people who will take extra care and wear it for ages because you never know which disease comes out and is lethal but I think it is good in the end even after the virus ends. Because it is hygienic and another accessory for fashionistas to be creative on. Also it keeps you safe or at least aware of the situation and also in future there will be better quality masks which don’t only safe guard you from viruses like coronavirus but other normal viruses too.

In the end one should understand the usability and importance of a mask. It is not just an another accessory you can choose to wear or not but it is a precaution better for everyone. Like pollution in Delhi had already prepared Delhiites with eye masks, purifiers and medical masks in the November season same way fashion keeps evolving and helping people sustain there life otherwise it would be impossible without PPE kits and masks to even roam around.

After all fashion’s first and foremost function was protection and that is what it has been doing for ages.

Article written by

Ragini Gupta