“Knowing who your customers are is great, but knowing how they behave is even better.” – Jon Miller

What is marketing psychology?

Market psychology refers to the manner in which the market reflects its participants’ collective emotional state i.e. a range of psychological principles are incorporated in market , content and sales strategy.

One key part of being a great marketer is understanding how people think the way they do. Psychology and marketing are lifelong partners. A good marketer always involves psychology in his marketing decisions. Marketing involves intense research on customers’ needs, wants, likes, preferences, etc.

Marketing psychology is important, it can help the brand to communicate better and makes advertising campaigns more relevant. Cognitive fluency helps our brain to process the information more easily. When we process information easily, we absorb information in a faster way.

What really generates cognitive fluency in our brains?

Here are four methods to generate cognitive fluency:

1. Repetitive experience

Repetitive experience generates a sense of familiarity. Familiar information is easier to process by our brain because our brain doesn’t have to put effort to understand the brand or to elaborate the situation.

2. Clear characters

          Adoption of minimal and very clear character makes us to read easily and fastens the processing, of brain. It reduces the effort in decoding of the information.

3. Play with Good mood

            Put your audiences in a good mood by avoiding the use of negative words, use more attractive and pleasing words. Even bright colors can be used to attract the consumer.

4. Priming effect

          It is a technique whereby exposure to one stimulus influences a response to      a subsequent stimulus. For example, the word STUDENT is recognized more quickly following the word PROFESSOR than following the word POLICE.

 The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, shop and communicate with people more than any other disruption (including technological ones) in the recent past. As more people start working from home, they are sticking to basics, stepping outside only to buy essentials and are constantly worried about the risks of getting infected in crowded places like malls and supermarkets.    

A crisis doesn’t generally need to introduce negativities alone. For some marketers, it is a brilliant chance to step up their game, adjust, and keep steady over advancing patterns and changes. The key here is to be adaptable, resilient, innovative, and empathetic in these turbulent times.

Due to covid 19 crisis ,there are chances that marketing psychology will change. This inflection point will be fundamentally formed by two significant moves in consumer conduct – the hesitance to blend in jam-packed open spots and higher affinity for digital adoption.

Marketers will have to come up with new marketing psychology techniques in order to keep their foundation strong in the market.

Authored by :

Nupur Prakash Bulbule – Management Trainee- TVC


Chetanas institute of management and research, Mumbai, Batch 2019-2021