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Published: October 13, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Brescia (Italia) – FIMAST 2021 will bring together the complete hosiery supply chain, including providers of yarns, knitting machines, finishing technologies, services, and accessories, at the Brixia Forum in Brescia, Italy, next week.

An Italy Exhibitions Group will organise the event, which will take place from October 19 to 22, and will offer a variety of new goods, creative services, and sophisticated technical solutions for hosiery and sock makers.

Numerous top businesses from the textile processing industry, a ‘Made in Italy’ sector marked by creativity and with a revenue of €1.8 billion in 2020, will be one of the approved exhibitors.

According to the most recent data from ACIMIT – the Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery for the Textile Industry – this thriving sector employs approximately 12,900 people across the region from approximately 300 different companies, with the majority of them based in the Brescia district.

Among these should be Lonati Group, a global leader in textile machinery, whose machines completely cover all of the global production of women’s hosiery and 60% of men’s and children’s socks.

The Brescia organisation will be represented at the fair by two companies: Lonati, a manufacturer of hosiery machines with the broadest range of systems on the market, and Santoni, a leading global in electronic radial machineries for streamlined apparel that meets 95% of global demand for seamless underwear, sportswear, beachwear, outerwear, medicalwear, and knitwear. Santoni will demonstrate technological innovations for the creation of three-dimensional, seamless, plain and fuzzy structural socks with the option of an inlays closed toe during the event.

The uppers are supposed to be ideal for a wide range of sports, including jogging, football, and climbing. Colosio has secured seven patents on mechanical components and textile techniques used to manufacture the upper in order to secure its expertise in Italy and worldwide, in which it exports 95% of its manufacturing. Autotex Italia, a global pioneer in the manufacturing of ironing machines and industrial packing for the hosiery industry, will also be represented at the IEG show. The Borgosatollo-based firm creates and manufactures a broad range of textile packaging equipment, as well as components for the biomedical, cosmetic, and industrial applications.

The firm, which mostly sells to China and the United States, provides flexible and customizable technology solutions depends on the demands of customers. The yarn industry, which has a long history in the adjacent Mantua region, will also contribute a number of its major firms to the event. Sina Filati Fashion Yarn, for example, sells high-quality yarns to the hosiery, knitwear, underwear, and continuous industries.

Sina Filati will exhibit spool yarns of any fabric and colour manufactured at its colour technology to run using proprietary dyeing, as well as a variety of finished products such as knitwear, hosiery, and sneaker uppers made with eco-friendly nylon or polyester yarns from pre-consumer (associated with the production process) and post-consumer (acquired from the product at the end of its life) recycling methods at FIMAST.

FIMAST, the biannual B2B event dedicated to the whole hosiery sector, is currently in its 5th edition.

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