Manteco, a premium wool manufacturer with a capacity of production of more than seven million metres of fabric per year, has launched a new ingredient, MWool, the ‘upgraded’ recycled wool born from the company’s cutting edge Manteco System combined with sustainable innovation and heritage. MWool is both a smart ingredient and a ground-breaking brand.

MWool is a key ingredient of Manteco ranges. Manteco is processing through its system ca 1.650 tons of recycled wool that can be transformed in MWool and can carry, if requested, the global recycled standard (GRS) certification promoted by the influential textile exchange. GRS verifies and certificates recycled products as well as company’s responsible social, environmental and chemical practices, the company said in a media statement.

Manteco can save ca 41,3 million of litres of water, 24,8 tons of dyes, 4,9 million kw of energy (the annual consumption of the whole Miami population), 1.484 tons of carbon dioxide. The wool goes through the reliable Manteco System quality control checks of excellence, no compromises: from the raw material, to yarn, fabric, finishing, from all aspects physical and chemical.

“MWool is the natural result of our path towards a new generation of sustainability. It’s at the same time our past and our future. Our know-how and expertise and our innovation and vision for sustainable fashion. That’s why the term recycled wool wasn’t enough. That’s why we decided to create a brand to identify our cutting-edge recycled wool from the generic offer. Our collections are imbued and interwoven with MWool as MWool special label means will highlight”, Matteo Mantellassi, co-CEO of Manteco said.

MWool is also 100 per cent Made in Italy. Premium quality has been achieved by leading the Manteco System to tune with the highest standards required by the global fashion system while preserving the ‘genius loci’ of each single partner along the whole supply chain according to shared sustainable goals and performances