Mann+Hummel has created a novel filter media for use in agricultural and construction machinery that combines the endurance of traditional cellulose-based filter media with a high-performance PTFE membrane.
Micrograde A-C-ME F1 media is utilised, which prevents filter pores from becoming permanently blocked with fine dust particles and provides constant repeatable cleanability. Furthermore, the membrane shields the engine components from hazardous particles. The separation efficiency for fine test dust exceeds 99.997%. As a result, the flow of dust is decreased by a factor of fifty when compared to conventional methods.
The Entaron XR air filter, which is based on Mann+Hummel’s Entaron XD two-stage air filter, is also self-cleaning. A solenoid valve linked to a compressed air reservoir initiates a compressed pneumatic pressure surge, which is delivered into the air filter through a nozzle. This results in cleaning and the removal of dust and dirt particles from the surface of the filter element.
Users no longer need to worry about when to clean their air filters since a pressure sensor mounted on the air filter sends a signal that automatically activates pulse cleaning by the car electronics. The dust that has been discharged is subsequently removed using the fan or exhaust system.