Malaysian leather goods and bags retailer Leather Avenue is planning a complete store redesign across its domestic outlets before it starts expanding across Asia. While expansion within Malaysia is the firm’s current priority, it hopes to expand regionally over the next few years, including to Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The family-owned company wants to ensure Malaysians have access to premium quality leather goods, bags, and accessories without having to splurge on high-street brands, the company’s executive director Stanny Chan told a retail industry news portal.

It is concurrently expanding its own brands–Charles Berkeley and Lushberry–overseas, where they are now available in China, Dubai, Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan and several other countries.

The main brands under Leather Avenue’s umbrella include Charles Berkeley, Esfolar, Cerruti 1881, Mendoza, The Bridge and Valentino Creations. The firm is also licensed to develop the Charles Berkeley and Esfolar brands in the territory.