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Making Nylon More Durable

Published: August 10, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
Nilit, a major manufacturer of high-quality Nylon 6.6 for clothing and owner of the Sensil sustainable yarns brand, has released its 2017-2020 sustainability report.
The paper, titled ‘Making Nylon Sustainable,’ highlights the company’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact, as well as its ambitions to positively encourage the textile and garment industries to pick more sustainable goods and utilise them responsibly.
Making Nylon Sustainable shares the company’s accomplishments as well as its plans to continuously improve the ecological and social influence of its operations and practices in the market and in the communities where the company operates. Nilit has developed the largest portfolio of sustainable premium Nylon 6.6 products under its Sensil consumer brand. The Sensil portfolio includes performance products that directly address the apparel industry’s most pressing environmental issues, such as water and energy consumption, waste reduction, and use of recycled inputs.

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