The new MagnaPrint Migration Blocker Black from MagnaColours – a dye migration blocker, specifically designed for use with problematic fabrics, is now available. It stops colours bleeding on polyester and blended fabrics. The blocker eliminates the lifting of garments during printing (sweating) and reduces pin-holing and puckering of problematic fabrics.

With a smooth finish and excellent matting properties, MagnaPrint Migration Blocker provides a perfect surface for overprinting – ideal to use with more fibrous fabrics.

MagnaPrint Migration Blocker Black allows designs to retain their brightness and colour when printed on polyester or poly cotton blends.  Its high opacity and blocking properties allow for white inks to retain their vibrancy. As well as its superior blocking performance, offers long flowing and slow drying properties in the screen, and a soft hand feel on the garment when printed.