Machinery cotton pickers changed guide labour to finish four-fifths of cotton choosing withinside the harvest season in 2021 in northwest China`s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR), the country’s biggest cotton-generating region, in step with facts from the Regional Agricultural Mechanisation Development Centre.

According to the centre, extra than 6,three hundred equipment cotton pickers are in provider in Xinjiang. This year, Xinjiang’s cotton developing location is set 37 million mu (approximately 2.forty six million hectares). With the complete use of current agricultural equipment inclusive of cotton pickers, the region’s cotton farming has bid farewell to the extensive use of guide labor, legitimate Chinese media mentioned mentioning the centre. Cotton output in Xinjiang crowned 5.1 million tonnes in 2021, accounting for approximately ninety according to cent of the country’s overall and keeping its first rank in China for over decades.