the flagship brand of Donear Industries Ltd., launches its all new wrinkle-free fabric collection, for those always on the move!

Available in a plethora of colors such as classics like navy and black to new-age colours like oranges and purples, this fabric range is comfortable, and easy to wear and care.

This range presents wrinkle-resistant, also colloquially known as ‘permanent press’ fabrics consisting of textiles that have been treated to resist external stress and hold their shape. These fabrics don’t need to be ironed and are wash-and-wear and meant for easy care.

A research was conducted with the current working population and a valuable insight was that their appearance was linked to their performance. The need to ‘look good to do good’ was apparent. This insight triggered a range of wrinkle-resistant finishes – developed keeping in mind the multi-tasking routine of consumers these days and how they need to look and feel presentable right through the day.

The Donear range emphasises cotton wrinkle-free fabrics, with cotton fibres being spun into yarn, then woven into fabric, followed by dyeing, and finally the fabric is treated with a ‘cross-linking’ resin. Cross-linking is a chemical process that to produce textiles with wrinkle resistance by crosslinking of cellulose chains to stop the molecules from moving when in contact with water or other environmental stress. This means that they fabrics will be resistant to wrinkles.

Donear has always striven for quality in its fabric range – along with a strong design sense, there has been investment in technology to develop finishes for wrinkle resistance.

Donear is proud to have a very large variety of fabrics with this finish across myriad colours – perfect for any occasion. There are a range of blacks/ blues/ greys/ browns for formal wear, pastels and pop colours like yellows/ oranges/ greens/ purples for fancy wear (parties/ festivities etc) and some prints for casual wear. The range truly has something for everyone.

Commenting on the fabric range, Ajay Agarwal (Director, Donear) said, “Our exceptional wrinkle-free fabric is a perfect amalgamation of comfort and style. The characteristics of easy wear and care, makes the range even more popular. With our manufacturing unit at Surat, producing the finest quality wrinkle free fabrics, we endeavour to constantly innovate and present the high quality fabrics to our consumers.”